Really America?

I am… appalled and embarrassed that we have elected a pompous bigoted misogynistic narcissistic ass as president. It bugs the shit out of me that for a huge number of people sexual assault is not only “ok” but apparently fully accepted. Women who feel that being groped is welcome and… Continue reading

Is Being Able to Write Well a Sign that You Are Also a Good Designer?

“Good writing skills are an indicator of an organized mind which is capable of arranging information and argument in a systematic fashion and also helping (not making) other people understand things. It spills over into code, personal communications, instant messaging (for those long-distance collaborations), and even such esoteric concepts as… Continue reading

Deep Dreaming

So you may or may not have followed Google’s Deep Dreaming but I have and am having a fun time with it. Not sure where I’d go with it but it is interesting. Here’s the app I’ve been using

Day 3

Trying out Dragon dictation. So far, I’m impressed and @ the very least it may help me enunciate better. I’ll get a sample so I can post it tomorrow or Monday. Feels a little weird because I’m not one to talk to myself out loud. Internally I do all the… Continue reading

Post #2, Day 2

Well, I think I picked up a food born illness. Been nauseated since about 3. Nothing wants to come up or out so go figure. I hate getting fbi’s. Really not fond of feeling crampy & nauseated. Burping a lot to. So that’s it for #2.