Is Being Able to Write Well a Sign that You Are Also a Good Designer?

“Good writing skills are an indicator of an organized mind which is capable of arranging information and argument in a systematic fashion and also helping (not making) other people understand things. It spills over into code, personal communications, instant messaging (for those long-distance collaborations), and even such esoteric concepts as professionalism and reliability.”

Dustin J. Mitchell, Signal vs. Noise
I am dyslectic. I am fortunate to be able to read like the Devil himself but writing, writing has always been a challenge. Caused me many issues in high school until I learned to write, or type as it be, as I thought. This still causes problems if I am trying to write about a subject that eludes me. Like writing. I can form beautifully crafted sentances in my head but the moment I sit down to record them my mind goes blank. Zip. Nadda. Big giant “dur”. So I tend to ramble a bit and try to fix it in post as the movie makers say. This can get worse I’ve I get hung up on a word as I really dislike improper usage of words. Words are important to me and misuse of them drives me batty.
But I digress. I’m supposed to be writing about why I want to join Toptal Freelance Visual Designers Group.. I could fill this entry with flourishes of synergy and extracts of paradigms but I loathe that. Why do I want to join Toptal, well I just want the income. I’ve spend years in the trenches schlepping files for people I’d rather not have on the same continent much less my office but it pays and money, in this world, is king. Part of the reason I moved to freelance work was a want to pick & choose clients, to make a difference, to feel the love. Hmph! Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh! A freelancer craves not these things. Or at least doesn’t if they have bills to pay. I can produce and I can produce a quality fast product if need be.
If Toptal decides I’m not thier kind of material well then off to the next freelance site I go. Or I hear McDonalds is always hiring….
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